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Berlin - Märkisch quarter
We are 40 years old

Seitenanfang    Berlin-Märkisch quarter

Since 1920 Wittenau, a part of Berlin's borough of Reinickendorf, has expanded fast. Farmers sold their land, and building associations have erected housing estates where previously there were only green fields. In the sixties a new district came into being in Wittenau: the "Märkisch quarter" MV

A number of Companies (GeSoBau, GSW and others) have built high-rise residential homes here, which caused great controversy when the foundations were first laid. There are now shopping centres, schools, kindergartens, a post office, medical and counselling centres and so on.

During this period the Roman Catholic church of St. Martin's has been built and fitted out. Roughly 50.000 people live here. The church community of Wittenau cannot absorb all the new evangelical church members. In addition to the small church of St. Andrew the apostle in Eichorster Weg, four other church centres have been established in the Märkisch quarter, namely St. John the apostle in Dannenwalder Weg, St. Peter's in Wilhelmsruher Damm, Senfkorn in Senftenberger Ring and our own church Am Seggeluchbecken.

Seitenanfang    We are 40 years old

KircheThe parish centre was built in 1972.  It comprises several buildings which through their various uses at different levels, provide a rich unified cohesion.
In the ground plan of the unequal-sided hexagon, with its wood beamed roof , the church (seating 250) with its transparent glazed windows and red brick floors, and parish hall (seating 200) with its acute-angled stage, merge together with further parts of the building which include an entrance hall, vestry, small kitchen, rooms of Internetcafe, and parish rooms.

Kirche innenThe building also contains a children's day care centre (seating 80), the vicarage, verger's flat and the office of the social welfare work for the Märkische quarter. Inner airwells are landscaped and bedecked with plants, which helps to relax the scene.

The parish celebrated its 40th anniversary in this years. The parish started off with 5.000 members and still has, at the moment, around 2.300 evangelical Christians. 18 people are employed in the parish at present of whom only two are involved with the worship, namely only one minister (50%).
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